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Window and Glass Door Repair

Let the Experts Take Care of Your Window & Glass Door Now

If there is a broken glass door or window in your home and you are thinking between  fixing it now or just partially cover it up and leave the repair for later then you should consider the following.

Yes, broken glass happens. Kids play ball near or inside the house, burglars try to break in, hurricanes storm the front door, vandals attack your windows or drunk friends trip near your glass door. But whatever the cause it is a fact of life that you will have a harder time living with a broken glass door or window for several reasons:

1 – Insects, rats or other pests may enter into your house bringing in dirt, bacteria and even disease.

2 – It will be easier for criminals to break in silently and fast in the middle of the night.

3 – Children could get hurt if the glass shards are not properly removed since they are always curious about the world, they like to explore and broken glass may not be a common sight for them.

4 – The air that has been cooled down by the AC will find a way out of the house, no need to explain the impact of that on either your energy bill or your comfort.

5 – When there is rain a broken glass may let water in either as drops or humidity, which may help to deteriorate certain kinds of floors and walls (eg: wood).

6 – Good glass keeps ambient noise out of your home, the lack of it may have an impact on your sleep depending on the surroundings of your home (specially in urban settings).

So regardless of the circumstances for most homeowners it is imperative to replace a broken glass as soon as possible for the sake of health, safety, economy and comfort, so think no more and contact The Glassperts right away for a free estimate on cost and speed to repair the glass in your broken window or glass door. Our phone is 24/7 available for you.

Our Services include:

1- Front Glass Door Repair
2- Sliding Glass Door Replacement (Wheels and Tracks)
3- Window Glass Repair
4- Window Replacement Balancers
5- French Door Repair
6- Glass Door Repair
7- Patio Door Repair
8- Impact Glass
9- Tempered Glass
10- Insulated Glass
11- Laminated Glass and more.

If you don’t see your kind of window or glass door in the list please call us, we do offer more options and solutions.The Glassperts offer competitive rates for glass door and window repair services. We help homes and businesses in Miami Dade, Florida and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and service.

Please remember to rate us in the Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google+, Angie’s list and Home Advisor, we really appreciate your feedback.

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Window Repair and Replacement

The most common questions we get asked by our clients are:  If my window or glass door is cracked, should I repair it or change it or just leave it and wait?? Well, It is all up to you, but  It is very important to know that when a window is cracked, it could be very dangerous since in any moment it could go down and tear in peaces or in the worst-case scenario, the window is broken and your kids, family or even you are around, anyone could get seriously hurt, so for both situations, replacing the window might be the best answer.

The GlassPerts in Miami Dade & Broward County are your local experts. We pride our selves with outstanding service and knowledge, as well as only using high-quality materials.

Although, repairing your windows or glass door is an activity that might look straightforward, this task if not done by professionals is dangerous.  Leave the heavy work for our trained professionals, from transportation, installation and clean up.  Rest assured your job will be done with the upmost care and professionalism.    We are available 7 days and week 24 hours a day, serving homes and commercial locations in South Florida.    We have hundreds of satisfied clients and references are available upon request or simply take a look at our Google reviews, we will not disappoint you.

Glass Specialists in Miami-Dade & Broward County

If your windows or glass sliding doors are difficult to open,  it could be a lack of maintenance or could be time to replace them.  Call the The Glassperts for a Free assessment, if your windows or glass doors are not replaced could increase your insurance premium in addition of being a hazard to your family.   The solution is just a call away we are available 7 days week 24 hours a day.

Not taking prompt action could lead to more expensive damages to your property, cracked windows and doors that don't close correctly will increase your electric bill.  Humidity could create mold and on rainy days water could come to your house potentially damaging your belongings. Let our licensed and insured experts take care of your problem, we have hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Yelp rest assured our prices are competitive and the quality of our work will leave you satisfied.

Once you call us we will dispatch a uniformed staff member to your location to asses the damage.  A quote will be given to you prior to starting and if you agree we will get your problem solved as fast as possible.   For your convenience, we take all major credit cards.  You can always count with The Glassperts for all your glass repair Miami needs!!

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