Glass Board Up Services when you need it most.

Your business or home has been damaged and is now exposed. Your entire sense of security has been shattered and you need it back.

Most people think it won’t happen to them, until, unfortunately, it does. Miami is a busy place and anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

From the kids in the neighborhood playing ball, the drunk driver, the careless landscaper, to the thief in the night, chances are, it might happen to you.

If it does, our experienced, professional technicians are in your area to make it right.

As Miami’s experts in Glass Repair, we have a large inventory of glass for a multitude of situations.

But there will always be cases where a custom glass unit must be manufactured, and that takes time. Time you do not have.

Our experts are always just a call away, to board up your windows, doors, or storefronts so you can have peace of mind while you wait for your piece of glass.

At The Glassperts, we understand how important it is to make your business or residence whole again as quickly as possible. That is why we offer our 24-hour emergency glass board-up service.