Sliding Doors Repairs

Glass sliding doors are popular in commercial office buildings since they are ideal for rooms that have patios or decks. Besides being able to utilize space optimally, sliding glass doors also facilitate adequate lighting of your room. Unfortunately, sliding doors are bound to experience technical problems every once in a while. Whenever such problems occur, it is advisable to call technicians who offer sliding doors’ repairs rather than buying a new glass door. This is because the doors are significantly expensive.

If you live in Miami, Florida, Glassperts is your go to company for glass door repair. Glassperts boasts of over 33 years’ experience in carrying out sliding doors repairs. Whether you need residential glass repair or commercial glass door repair, our experts have the necessary skills to provide high-quality repair services.

If you notice a glitch in your sliding door, you should contact us immediately for a professional door glass repair. We have enough technicians who employ the skills that we have learned for over 30 years. As such, when you contact us, we will send one to your premises in the shortest time possible. The technician will assess the problem first in order to carry out the most suitable sliding doors repairs. The technician only leaves your premises when the glass door repair is complete and your door is working as good as new.

Common Problems with Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have a number of issues that often affects their functionality. If you call us to your premises to carry out sliding door repairs, we first assess the most common problems to determine what the issue might be. After identifying the problem, our specialists can now undertake door glass repair accordingly. One of the most common problems with sliding doors is a stuck door.

If your door is not closing or opening, it might be because its rollers are broken or there is debris on the roller. If you encounter such a situation, do not worry about it; just give us a call. Our experts have the skills to undertake sliding doors repairs to get your door working perfectly.

In certain circumstances, your sliding door may be experiencing problems because the track may be faulty. When the tracks are bent or faulty, your door may end up getting stuck. When our technicians come to your premises, they will also assess the condition of specific parts of the door that is stuck in order to determine if the tracks are faulty. If the track is bent or blocked, the rollers tend to get stuck. However, with the proper glass door repair, your sliding door should be good to go.

Sliding doors repairs may also be required if your door needs aberrant wheels’ alignment. When you have used your sliding door for a while, the screws that keep the rollers in position may get unscrewed. As a result, your sliding door will give you a hard time. For instance, it will take you longer than usual to open or close it. This, however, should not worry you much because it is a door glass repair task that our technicians can handle easily.

Another common problem with sliding doors is a crack in the glass. If you notice a crack, it is imperative to call for glass door repair immediately before it gets worse. A cracked glass should be replaced in the shortest time possible, especially in residential properties. We understand that a cracked glass puts your kids at great risk. As such, we dispatch our door glass repair experts as soon as you contact Glassperts with a cracked glass problem.

Whatever the issue is with your residential or commercial sliding door, you can rely on our experts for sliding doors repairs. Moreover, we recommend door glass repair immediately after you notice an issue with your sliding door. Further delay may lead to extra damage, which translates to higher costs for sliding doors repairs.

How to Repair and Maintain Sliding Doors

Sliding doors repairs demand utmost attention to ensure that every issue with the door is rectified. For instance, since rollers are an important part of the sliding door, any door glass repair should ensure that they are in perfect condition. In order to fix the rollers, our technicians will lift or lower your sliding door using a screwdriver. They lift the sliding door in order to clear the track to allow smooth rolling in case the tracks were filled with debris.

We carry out quality sliding glass door repair to leave it functioning as if it is new. Our technicians come with the necessary equipment to adjust the screws located at the bottom of the door. This is because we believe that any glass door repair should ensure that your door appear even on the track. This will allow easier movement. However, the rollers may still fail to glide smoothly. In such a scenario, sliding doors repairs should entail removing the door to examine the rollers. If our assessment reveals that the rollers are beyond repair, we replace them with new ones.

If your door is stuck because there is debris on the track, the glass door repair process will entail using a small brush or a cordless vacuum to clean the tracks. Moreover, our skilled technicians will apply a lubricant on the upper and lower tracks to get your door gliding smoothly. Our main objective is to make sure that our glass door repair services will leave you fully satisfied.

In some cases, sliding door glass repair may involve dealing with broken glasses. In such a case, sliding doors repairs are crucial because they can improve your overall safety. Door glass repair is a task that requires precision; you should avoid doing it yourself. Call us anytime you want your door fixed because we will do it with utmost professionalism. Our door glass repair technicians will also come to your premises with all the necessary equipment to carry out the repairs. What’s more, they will handle the glass with protective gloves to avoid cuts when replacing cracked or broken glass.

Our company will save you the trouble of having to fix the door yourself. With us, you will not have to buy repair equipment because our technicians will come with the tools needed to do a perfect job.